[Specs, Info, and Prices] Dell Latitude 14 9420 and Latitude 14 9420 (2-in-1) – convertible or not, this one is worth considering

According to Dell, Latitude 14 9420 and its convertible option are designed to offer the best connectivity & collaboration experience, thanks to some great features, which we will discuss below. It also packs the power of Tiger Lake and the Iris Xe iGPUs, which are some of the best chips, if you’re looking for a power-efficient system, with a low-TDP CPU and plenty of performance.

Today we are giving you a quick overview of the Dell Latitude 14 9420 and Latitude 14 9420 (2-in-1).

The Latitude 14 9420 and its (2-in-1) counterpart are available now for the starting price of  $2,915.71, with a special 30% Small Business discount.

Full Specs: Dell Latitude 14 9420 / Latitude 14 9420 (2-in-1)

Dell Latitude 14 9420 configurations:

Dell Latitude 14 9420 (2-in-1) configurations:


As these are pretty expensive devices, they feature the best possible build quality and premium materials. The laptops are made from CNC aluminum, giving them every bit of rigidity and structural support. With diamond-cut edges and a brushed finish, it looks stunning from every angle. They are also incredibly portable, with the regular Latitude 9420 weighing only 1.27 kg, with a height of 13.91 mm at its thickest point. The convertible model weighs around 100 grams more, at 1.40 kg, while retaining the same height.


Both the regular and convertible models feature similar IPS displays with the only difference obviously being the touchscreen support that the 2-in-1 has. There are two displays to pick from, the first of which has an FHD+ resolution, which means a 16:10 aspect ratio. This gives you more room on the Y-axis, allowing for more apps and menus to fit on it at once, especially if the panel has a high enough resolution. The secondary display has a higher QHD+ resolution and a max brightness of 500 nits while retaining the same aspect ratio. The displays use Dell’s ComfortView technology, which limits the amount of Blue light, which can tire your eyes pretty quickly.

Specifications and features

Powering these laptops are the 11th Gen Tiger Lake G-series processors. There are three CPUs to choose from, all from the higher end of the Tiger Lake family. The entry configurations come with the Core i5-1135G7, with the Core i5-1145G7, and the Core i7-1185G7 also being available. These chips have already made a name for themselves, bringing enough power to the table to handle heavy workloads. For the graphics, you will be satisfied by the performance of the Iris Xe Graphics G7, with the Core i5s featuring the version with 80 Execution Units (EU), while the Core i7 variants get the full 96EU package.

In terms of features, there are a lot. For starters, we can’t forget, the fingerprint reader and backlight keyboard combo, which are nowadays essentials for a business or productivity device. In the beginning, we mentioned that the laptop is great for conferencing online. This is due to the Quad speaker setup, with two front-firing and two bottom-firing speakers, which give you great surround sound. The Quad-Array microphone has noise-canceling thanks to the speakers, making your meetings seem like they’re in person. Finally, the HD Webcam has SafeShutter technology, for automatic closing and opening. It also has dedicated keyboard keys to close the shutter and mute the microphone.

All Dell Latitude 14 9420 configurations:

All Dell Latitude 14 9420 (2-in-1) configurations:

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