[Specs and Info] The MSI Creator Z16 gets a special Hiroshi Fujiwara limited edition

Talk about partnering with a fashion designer and a musician, to promote a notebook. MSI is getting creative with its marketing, which is great. It garners more outside attention to a product while opening the eyes of tech enthusiasts to new and exciting areas.

The Creator Z16 is already a spectacular device, which you can read all about right here. The new version of the Creator Z16 keeps the same powerful hardware from Intel and NVIDIA but gets a refreshed paint job.

Today we are giving you a quick look at the MSI Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition.

MSI Creator Z16 (A11Ux): Full Specs / In-depth Review


The special edition keeps the same shape and build materials, with an aluminum unibody and a new black exterior. The Special Edition gets a lightning symbol, which is Fujiwara’s brand. The laptop also comes with branded MSI mouse, mousepad, and a sleeve bag, which all have the same minimal streetwear aesthetic. The keyboard gets a new backlight, which uses MiniLEDs to give you brighter and more efficient illumination.


The laptop gets a new MiniLED display with True Pixel technology. It has a 16:10 aspect ratio, QHD+ resolution, and either 120 or a 165Hz refresh rate. According to MSI, the display has Calman verification for color accuracy. We won’t get into the specifications, since there is no difference between this and the normal Creator Z16. Both come with Tiger Lake H45 processors and NVIDIA RTX Graphics.

All MSI Creator Z16 (A11Ux) configurations:

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