[Specs and Info] The Dell Precision 15 7560 and 17 7760 are powerful but not so lightweight workstation devices

Yesterday, we talked a bit about two of the new Precision workstation laptops that Dell released recently. They are really thin and relatively lightweight devices, which pack Xeon processors and Professional Quadro graphics.

Now, we will take a look at the other two workstations in the Precision range, which are decently thicker, but we assume that it due to the heavier amount of cooling that they will bring to the table, which will significantly improve the performance of the hardware.

Today we are taking a look at the Dell Precision 15 7560 and the Precision 17 7760.

Full Specs: Dell Precision 15 7560 / Precision 17 7760

Dell Precision 15 7560 configurations:

Dell Precision 15 7560 configurations:


The two laptops are identical when it comes to design. They feature metal construction, with what looks like plastic for the base. The sides of the lid and the body have a brushed glossier look, while the lid and the bottom panel have a more matte texture. The Dell logo is seen on the center of the lid and on the bottom bezel, below the display. You can also see large cooling vents on the back. The weight difference between the two devices is in the range of around 0.5 kg. The Precision 15 weighs 2.45 kg while being around 27 mm tall, with the Precision 17 having a weight of 3.01 kg and being around 28 mm tall.


On the Precision 15 device, you can choose between two IPS displays, both with a size of 15.6 inches. The first one has a Full HD resolution, 100% DCI-P3 coverage, and up to 500 nits of brightness. The second display ups the resolution to 4K, while also offering 100% AdobeRGB coverage and 800 nits of brightness. On the Precision 17, you get a single 17.3-inch Full HD IPS panel with 100% AdobeRGB coverage, 500 nits of brightness, and HDR400 certification.

Specifications and features

The laptops have identical specs, with both of them coming with Tiger Lake processor options, both from the Core lineup and the Xeon lineup. The entry configuration comes with the Core i5-11500H, which is vPro certified, delivering extra performance and stability. There are also i7 and i9 options, more of which you can see below. Finally, there are two Xeon processors, the Xeon W-11855M and W-11955W. In terms of graphics, the entry units come with the Intel UHD Graphics Xe 750, with only 32 Execution Units. The real treats can be seen when we look at the discrete GPU selection, which features Quadro graphics such as the RTX A2000, A3000, A4000, A5000 (all laptop versions), along with the T1200.

Features-wise, you get the standard stuff such as a fingerprint reader, backlit keyboard, stereo speakers, and a dual-array microphone. Being workstation devices, they have a wide I/O, which consists of two Type-A and two Type-C ports, which have Thunderbolt 4 support, HDMI and  Mini DisplayPort connectors, Ethernet port, an audio jack, and an SD card slot.

Dell Precision 15 7560 configurations:

Dell Precision 15 7560 configurations:

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