[Specs and Info] The AORUS 17X is the best that the company can offer

AORUS is coming out with a slew of new devices, each sporting a different configuration comprised of Tiger Lake H processors and NVIDIA RTX 3000-series graphics cards. As we already looked at the mid-range and upper mid-range devices, we got nothing left besides the big dog in the house (literally, the laptop weighs nearly 4 kg).

Its name is the AORUS 17X, and it has the best available hardware that you can find right now. AORUS has taken that hardware and packed it tightly inside a virtually indestructible chassis.

Without further ado, here is our quick overview of the AORUS 17X.

AORUS 17X: Full Specs


Being the flagship laptop in AORUS’ lineup, it gets the premium treatment, with a fully aluminum body. Its design also draws inspiration from several sources, including sportscars, fighter jets, and the AORUS phoenix (we really thought it was an eagle). The lights on the back and front mimic the rear end of supercars, which leave a trail of lighting with their speed. The body lines on the lid are inspired by combat planes, which strive for every last bit of aerodynamics. Finally, on the bottom panel, the heat vents draw an image of a fiery phoenix. However, it’s not all good. The weight and height sit at the enormous 3.75 kg and 38 mm, respectively.


The display that AORUS has picked for this device has a diagonal of 17.3 inches. It uses an IPS panel and comes in a Full HD resolution. Being a gaming laptop, it has a refresh rate of 300Hz, which is among the quickest available. Moreover, the panel has 99% sRGB coverage, so you can effortlessly tackle color-sensitive work.

Specifications and features

As we mentioned before, the laptop has the best available hardware that Intel and NVIDIA can offer. The laptop is powered by a combination of the Intel Core i9-11980HK and the GeForce RTX 3080. These are the top specs that every gamer strives to play on right now, so this laptop is definitely in flagship territory. Of course, if you put these specs inside a laptop, you will need the appropriate cooling in order to achieve their full potential. That is why AORUS has put in place their WINDFORCE Infinity cooling solution, which is now 37% more effective. This not only allows for the CPU and GPU to reach 100% performance but also keeps the temperature and noise in check even during the most intensive gameplay.

The available full-sized per-key RGB-backlit mechanical keyboard has a key travel of 2.5 mm, which is rivaling some discrete keyboards. It uses OMRON switches, which deliver a satisfying click. The audio setup onboard is superb, with an ESS Sabre HiFi Audio DAC, and two 2W stereo speakers. The addition of a 3W Subwoofer gives it some punch, and with the DTS X:Ultra audio technology, you will get some of the best spatial sounds ever.

All AORUS 17X configurations:

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