[Specs and Info] HP’s 9th Generation of EliteBooks are here with Alder Lake processors and 16:10 screens

Previously all smartphones used the 16:9 aspect ratio as standard. After more and more manufacturers adopted notches and all other attempts at a bezel-less smartphone experience, the 16:9 aspect ratio was quickly abandoned, in favor of 18:9, 19:9, 21:9, and others.

The laptop world is quickly adopting the opposite trend, and while previously that only happened for Creator and productivity laptops, now even business devices are receiving such displays.

Today we have HP’s EliteBook G9 laptops, which sport the newest Alder Lake CPUs and 16:10 displays across the entire lineup with 13-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch options.

Full Specs: HP EliteBook 830 G9 / HP EliteBook 840 G9 / HP EliteBook 860 G9

HP EliteBook 830 G9 configurations:

HP EliteBook 840 G9 configurations:

HP EliteBook 860 G9 configurations:


All three laptops have the same minimal design with sharp edges, round corners, and a silver exterior that generally looks good, but has no character, which is ideal for a business laptop. There is an HP logo on the back of the lid and the bottom bezel. In terms of dimensions, even the biggest EliteBook 860 G9 weighs way below 2 kg and doesn’t reach 20 mm of thickness.

HP EliteBook 830 G91.27 kg (2.8 lbs)19.2 mm (0.76″)
HP EliteBook 840 G91.36 kg (3 lbs)19.2 mm (0.76″)
HP EliteBook 860 G91.76 kg (3.9 lbs)19.2 mm (0.76″)


All three laptops come with an FHD+ IPS display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. The 830 G9 has a 13-inch display, the 840 G9 has a 14-inch display, and the 860 G9 has a 16-inch display.

Specifications and features

The EliteBook G9 series offers power-efficient Alder Lake P-series CPUs with Core i5 and Core i7 options, which come with both Performance and Efficiency cores that can turn on and off and handle different tasks, depending on the load. When you couple them with the Iris Xe Graphics iGPUs, you get capable laptops that can handle pretty serious work, as the CPUs have a TDP of 28W, which is decent.

All three laptops also have the same I/O coverage with two Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB Type-A 3.2 (Gen. 2) ports, an HDMI 2.0 port, a NanoSIM slot, a SmartCard reader, and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

All HP EliteBook 830 G9 configurations:

All HP EliteBook 840 G9 configurations:

All HP EliteBook 860 G9 configurations:

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