[Specs and Info] Acer ConceptD 3 (CN316-73G / CN316-73P) – everyone loves a good comeback story

Truthfully, Acer has had its back up against a wall, seeming to hit and miss with most of its higher-end offerings.

Now, they are revamping their whole notebook range, starting from the Nitro 5 gaming notebook, the Predator series, and the ConeceptD series, which we’ll cover now. The ConceptD 3 comes with slightly older Tiger Lake H-series processors, and two choices for graphics that are for both gamers and creators.

Today we are giving you a quick overview of the Acer ConceptD 3 (CN316-73G / CN316-73P).

Acer ConceptD 3 (CN316-73G / CN316-73P): Full Specs


Acer is really innovative with the design of the ConceptD 3, using a magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis, which compared to regular aluminum, results in 20% lighter weight, while being much more durable when compared to a device with the same thickness. This means a laptop that weighs only 2.20 kg, has a profile of 21 mm. The fun doesn’t stop, as the material has a special Micro-Arc Oxidation which acts like a ceramic layer, increasing the hardness, strength, and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, there is an additional coating that protects from yellowing from sunlight, as well as dirt, and drinks.


There is a single display available, with a 16-inch FHD+ IPS panel. Since this is a Creator notebook, the panel comes with 100% sRGB coverage, color accuracy with a dE value of less than 2, and Pantone Validation.

Specifications and features

Hardware-wise, there are two CPU choices: the Core i5-11400H and the Core i7-11800H. While a year old, these chips can still offer good performance, but still they don’t hold up a candle to Alder Lake. In terms of graphics, there are two options: one for pure Creators, and one for those who like to do some gaming on the side. Obviously, we side with the latter, and the RTX 3050 Ti is a good addition to many laptops, bringing very good 1080p gaming performance, while still bringing the Creator features that NVIDIA is known for. The T1200 on the other hand uses the older Turing architecture while bringing fewer cores and lower clock speeds.

The laptop’s cooling has been created in such as way, as to harness the airflow from the top and the bottom while exhausting the air through the sides and the back.

All Acer ConceptD 3 (CN316-73G / CN316-73P) configurations:

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1 year ago

Hello, Which ConceptD 3 comes with an EMR stylus?