Motospeed Inflictor CK104 – wonderful gaming mechanical keyboard for only $42.31

Hey there, gaming fanboys! How’s your existential crisis going? Need something to brighten your days up a little bit? Yes, that’s right we have something for you – our partners from GearBest currently have a “US Warehouse” promotion and among the various discounted gadgets there is one that you are bound to be attracted by.

We are talking about the Motospeed Inflictor CK104 – a mechanical gaming keyboard with intriguing design, attractive backlighting and very low price – only $42.31.

If you happen to show interest in the Motospeed Inflictor CK104 gaming keyboard, you could use this link to check its current availability.

Design and Construction

Of course, as you may expect, this is not a high-end gaming keyboard but for its price it offers more than enough. It has a brushed aluminum back plate which contributes to the overall look being more stylish. Additionally, the keyboard is 17″ wide (43.7 cm) which should be big enough for most users, although we have seen larger keyboards.

It is also good to note that this gaming product can be connected to your configuration with the help of a cable which is 1.6 meters long and uses USB 2.0 interface. What’s more, the floating key cap design makes this affordable fellow seem even more attractive. The key caps can be easily removed which is great if you are a messy gamer who enjoys having meals in front of the computer – you could thus easily clean your keyboard. And you may also wish to know that typing on this one is a bit noisy but most people won’t have problem with this.


Now, this is another very important aspect of the product in question. It goes without saying that every gaming keyboard should come with fascinating backlighting. Is it the case with this one, though? Yes, you get LED backlighting but what you do not get is software to control it.

However, there are a couple of ways in which you could control the keyboard’s backlighting to a certain extent. How is it possible? Well, you could use combinations of certain keys to do the following – change cycle of colors (Fn + Ins) and change cycle color (Fn + Del) or if at a given point you are irritated by all these lights, you could simply turn them off by pressing Fn + Ps. Additionally, you can mess around with two more settings related to the LED backlighting – alter the speed of a cycle (Fn + left/right arrow key) and adjust brightness levels (Fn + up/down).

If you happen to show interest in the Motospeed Inflictor CK104 gaming keyboard, you could use this link to check its current availability.

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Specs sheet

ModelMotospeed Inflictor CK104
MaterialAluminum alloy
ColorsRed, Gold, Silver
InterfaceWired, USB 2.0 connection
Response speed3 ms
Cable length1.6 m
  • Blue switches
  • RGB backlighting (not programmable)
  • 7 color cycles
Dimensions43.70 x 12.80 x 3.50 cm
Weight850 grams

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