Intel HD Graphics 520 early benchmark tests

Intel-Skylake_2-620x400A couple of days ago we published a series of benchmark tests regarding the new Core i7-6500U CPU part of the Skylake family processors. It showed a good performance leap over its last generation without affecting energy efficiency or in other words Intel has just improved its 14nm FinFET manufacturing process in order to squeeze out better readings.

However, we are here to talk in digits about the graphics processor that the Core i7-6500U CPU integrates. It’s a 9th generation Intel HD Graphics 520 GPU that keeps the same amount of 24 EU (Execution Units) compared to the Intel HD Graphics 5500 (Broadwell) as well as the same core – GT2. Unfortunately, this is the better part of the information that’s been available about the GPU so we might have to wait a bit longer to find out more about the specs. Also, looking at the tables below you can easily tell that the engineering sample here doesn’t deliver the much-needed performance leap over its predecessor. But we are sure that the readings will improve once we test a retail unit.

You can see how the GPU stacks up against other GPUs on the market in our GPU rankings table here:

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