Inside Acer Swift X (SFX14-41G) – disassembly and upgrade options

Unfortunately, the memory here is nonupgradable. However, the Swift X has its other strong features.

Check out all Acer Swift X (SFX14-41G) prices and configurations in our Specs System or read more in our In-Depth review.

1. Remove the bottom plate

To get inside of this device, you need to remove all 11 Torx-head screws. After that, take the bottom panel away with the help of a plastic pry tool.

2. Battery

It has a battery pack with a capacity of roughly 59Wh.

3. Мemory and storage

Sadly, the memory is soldered to the motherboard, and as for now, there are two options. Either 8 or 16GB of dual-channel RAM. On the other hand, the storage options comprise two M.2 PCIe x4 slots.

4. Cooling system

Lastly, there is the essential part of the notebook – the cooling. It is made of two heat pipes, a decently sized heat sink, and a pretty large fan.

Check out all Acer Swift X (SFX14-41G) prices and configurations in our Specs System or read more in our In-Depth review.

Acer Swift X (SFX14-41G / SFX14-42G) in-depth review

Acer's Swift X is one of the most anticipated devices this year. It aims to be a small, powerful notebook that will allow young users to play games, do professional work, and look fresh at the same time.How it plans to do it? Well, for starters, there is a low-key package, which honestly looks like any other Swift laptop out there. However, the magic happens on the inside. There, you will find an energy-efficient CPU with a lot of horsepower - the AMD Ryzen 7 5800U. As we saw with the IdeaPad 5 Pro (14") it has a lot of potential, which wasn't completely fulfilled.What was more shocki[...]


  • Beautiful screen with 97% of sRGB coverage and accurate colors (when our Gaming and Web design profile is present) (AUO B140HAN06.8 (AUO683D))
  • No PWM (AUO B140HAN06.8 (AUO683D))
  • Up to 15 hours of Web browsing on battery
  • Almost all-metal built with a lid leverage system
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Surprisingly good performance
  • Wi-Fi 6, and dual M.2 SSD support


  • Soldered memory
  • No SD card reader
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Thommy Kusbin
1 year ago

is it possible to desolder the ram? is it use regular SODIMM RAM? I’m thinking about upgrading the ram by desoldering it and putting new RAM

1 year ago

Are there 1 or 2 memory slots?