How much abuse can the ThinkPad X and T series take? According to Lenovo – a lot.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad lineup consists of many high-end business class laptops, but two series are easily distinguished from the others – ThinkPad X and ThinkPad T. These machines feature the MIL-SPEC military standard, consisting of 10 durability tests.

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Keep in mind, that these devices aren’t specially designed for rough conditions and this is just an extra features they offer. The concept of the ThinkPad T and X series is to provide premium user experience for every business user, without him having to worry about the surrounding environment. The notebooks that feature the MIL-SPEC 810G standard are capable of enduring the following conditions:


Subjected to 91-98% humidity at 20° C to 60° C.



High temperatures


Low temperatures

Frozen at -20° C for a period of 72 hours.


Sand test

Subjected to silica powder with particle size of 0.105 mm in 6 hour cycles.



Strong vibrations

icon_test-5Undergoes a wide variety of tests when powering on and off.

Mechanical impact

High acceleration and repetitive percussive pulses 18 times.



High altitude

icon_test-7System tests in working condition at 4570 m height.

Temperature amplitudes

Flawlessly working at rapid temperature changes from -20° C up to +60° C. Test consists of 3 x 2 hour cycles.


Sun radiation

icon_test-9Simulated UV radiation at 3 x 24 hour cycles.


28 days with common sources of mold.


Besides the aforementioned tests that are needed to meet the military standard requirements, devices from the ThinkPad series are tested in situations that often occur under normal exploitation.


These “user scenario tests”, as Lenovo likes to call them, are intended to simulate real-life situations. The particles used in the dustproof test are gathered from six different countries and the reason for this is to make the test more reliable by using the most commonly found dust particles. Also, there is a test that consists of dropping iron balls on the lid from more than a meter height. Finally, the devices have undergone a test simulating over 240 hours of non-stop working.



img_openclose2As a part of the durability tests, the devices are subjected to continuous opening and closing of the lid. This test has determined that the steel hinges of the ThinkPad notebooks last up to 50% more than the regular ones. There is a specially programmed robot that repetitively performs tasks such as plugging in and plugging out various cables from the notebooks, including USBs. The goal of this test is to determine the durability of the housing and connectors after years of usage. A static electricity test is also present in and the notebooks from the ThinkPad series should be protected against 9 000 electrostatic voltage.


The ThinkPad notebooks are designed to protect your information as the magnetic strips on the hard discs are easy to damage. This is why Lenovo’s laptops will withstand hits, shocks and drops of any nature without harming the HDD.

Waterproof keyboard

This is probably the most commonly occurring incident among users. Have you ever accidentally spilled your coffee, water or other beverage on your notebook? Well some of us have, especially early in the morning and it is definitely unpleasant. However, the ThinkPad series notebooks have special trenches that will keep the liquid away from the electric components.


Active protection system (APS)

Special sensors detect dangerous vibrations and abruptly stop the rotation of the hard disc. The process is continued only after you’ve found safe environment. Even if your laptop is subjected to a heavy hit or vibration, your precious information will remain intact.

You can check the availability and price of Lenovo’s Thinkpad series in the following link:

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