First impressions of Acer Predator G6-710 – „jet fighter“ with beastly appearance

The “jet fighter” – Predator G6-710 has landed in our laboratory and there definitely a lot to be covered. The latest line from the Taiwan-based manufacturer, Acer Predator G, is a perfect fit for those of you who want to play any game they desire, without having to worry if their PC is capable of running it. The machines are packed with the latest, 6th generation, Intel Core i7 CPUs and high-end NVIDIA GPUs. Predator G6-710 boasts everything a gamer could dream of.

The PC’s box offers great capabilities, which, of course, we’ll share in this article, as well as in our full in-depth review of the model. From our first impression, we can state that the case design language is cool and aggressive – a typical characteristic for most Predator-branded products.

You’ll find information about the price and availability of Predator G6-710 at the following link:


As we already mentioned, G6′ casing has a unique design, perfectly fitting its name – Predator. The front and top sides of the machine look ready to take on any challenge. The plastic ribs look really awesome with the red-colored elements really pop out on the black colored body of the machine. We can’t go on without mentioning the Predator logo, which is positioned at the center of both sides, as well as the front one, slightly below the Power button.

The casing looks extravagant, regardless of which way you look at it. It’s very practical, due to its recessed lines, which in actuality are part of the cover, but have gaps between them, so that the G6-710 can maximize the airflow and the efficiency of its cooling system. The Turbo mode is activated via special button located in the concaved part. Once it is on, we’re able to enjoy a bright red light complementing the overall aggressive design.

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The casing is not only awesome-looking but also offers pretty neat features. For instance, the second rib from the front panel allows easy HDD replacement with a single press of the rib. There’s one more nifty detail – a hanger for your headset. You can easily spot it by the headset “logo” on it.

Hardware and software

Here’s what the G6-710 offers in terms of performance. The model we have boasts the latest generation CPU – Intel Core i7-6700K paired with high-end motherboard and has overclocking capabilities. The turbo button is an easy way to boost the performance of the hardware. Another way to throttle the hardware is to do it manually with the Predator Sense software.

The “jet fighter” supports up to 64GB of RAM and our model is capped and the maximum amount of supported storage is 4TB – a future proof setup. If you’re wondering what to do with so much storage space, the answer is simple – GeForce GTX 970. The GPU will provide smooth and comfortable gameplay even at the latest games maxed out3. (GTA V, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3).




In addition to the hardware, there are a couple of apps that can be downloaded for free from Acer’s official web page, if they don’t come pre-installed on the machine. We found Predator Sense and Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5 installed on our PC from the first launch. These two apps are of extreme importance for providing the ultimate user-experience on the G6-710. Expect our full in-depth review in the near future, in which we’re going to take a deeper look on all the features that make this device so “fly”.

Specs sheet

  • Intel Core i7-6700K (4-core, 4.00 – 4.40 GHz, 8MB cache)
  • Acer
  • 64GB (4x 16GB) – DDR4, 2133MHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4GB GDDR5)
  • 4TB HDD + 480GB SSD
ConnectivityLAN 10/100/1000 Mbps, Wi-Fi 802.11ac/a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
  • 6x USB 3.0
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • 5x audio jack
  • 1x HDMI
  • HD audio with 5.1 channel sound
  • RJ-45
  • momery card reader
  • 1x DVI

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