Dell Vostro 15 3525 – Top 5 Pros and Cons

While business notebooks usually are pretty boring, there are certain outliers, that can make your time at the office pass by quickly. The Dell Vostro 15 3525 is one such outlier, offering a snappy 120Hz display, which is rarely seen on enterprise machines. There is also a good level of performance, thanks to the Ryzen 5000U-series, which might not have the flashiness of Alder Lake, but will be just fine in 2022.

Today we present you with LaptopMedia’s top 5 picks about the Dell Vostro 15 3525.

Dell Vostro 15 3525: Full Specs / In-depth Review

3 reasons to BUY the Dell Vostro 15 3525

1. Upgradeability

The laptop features good upgradeability, with two SODIMM slots for up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM and one M.2 PCIe x4 slot. If you pick a configuration with a smaller battery, there’s also space for a 2.5-inch SATA drive.

Here is our detailed teardown video, which shows how to access both the storage and RAM slots.

2. Display quality

The FHD IPS display has the qualities of a good daily driver device, coming with comfortable viewing angles, a peak brightness of 261 nits, and a very high contrast ratio of 1500:1. The 120Hz refresh rate also makes it appear smoother, which will give the impression of a quicker notebook. The Creator qualities are lacking with sub-60% sRGB coverage and poor accuracy.

Here are the results of our color accuracy test with both the stock settings (left) and with our Design and Gaming profile applied (right).

Buy our profiles

Since our profiles are tailored for each individual display model, this article and its respective profile package are meant for Dell Vostro 15 3525 configurations with 15.6″ Innolux YMHWH-156HRA (CMN1522) (FHD, 1920 × 1080) IPS.

*Should you have problems with downloading the purchased file, try using a different browser to open the link you’ll receive via e-mail. If the download target is a .php file instead of an archive, change the file extension to .zip or contact us at [email protected].

Read more about the profiles HERE.

In addition to receiving efficient and health-friendly profiles, by buying LaptopMedia's products you also support the development of our labs, where we test devices in order to produce the most objective reviews possible.

Office Work

Office Work should be used mostly by users who spend most of the time looking at pieces of text, tables or just surfing. This profile aims to deliver better distinctness and clarity by keeping a flat gamma curve (2.20), native color temperature and perceptually accurate colors.

Design and Gaming

This profile is aimed at designers who work with colors professionally, and for games and movies as well. Design and Gaming takes display panels to their limits, making them as accurate as possible in the sRGB IEC61966-2-1 standard for Web and HDTV, at white point D65.


Health-Guard eliminates the harmful Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) and reduces the negative Blue Light which affects our eyes and body. Since it’s custom tailored for every panel, it manages to keep the colors perceptually accurate. Health-Guard simulates paper so the pressure on the eyes is greatly reduced.

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3. Input devices

The keyboard has an optional backlight with long key travel and clicky feedback. It also doesn’t forget the NumPad, which shows that the laptop is still rooted in the business sector. The touchpad is quite large and pairs really well with the high-refresh-rate display, delivering on accuracy and responsiveness.

2 reasons NOT to buy the Dell Vostro 15 3525

1. Build quality

The laptop is entirely built from plastic, which generally isn’t bad, as all manufacturers resort to this, in order to cut back on costs. However, you have to at least try to make the device somewhat rigid. The Vostro’s plastic chassis shows flex in both the lid and the base and not just a little flex, we’re talking about yoga class flexibility. That is despite the weight of 1.85 kg and the 19 mm profile.

2. Temperatures

The cooling solution is laughable, with one heat pipe, one fan, and a single heat sink.

Max CPU load

AMD Ryzen 5 5625U (15W TDP)0:02 – 0:10 sec0:15 – 0:30 sec10:00 – 15:00 min
Dell Vostro 15 35252.88 GHz @ 76°C @ 29W2.70 GHz @ 83°C @ 25W2.70 GHz @ 88°C @ 25W

This leads to the CPU running at a high temperature, but still maintaining decent clock speeds.

Comfort during full load

The outside gets really warm as well, with the hotpot reaching 53°C. This is once again a testament to the build quality, as the insides aren’t well insulated.

All Dell Vostro 15 3525 configurations:

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Anastas Dzurovski
Anastas Dzurovski
5 months ago

This is not the right and real review . First of all first contact with every PC is made through his keyboard and mouse . This two things at this PC are so user unfriendly , so wrongly produced ,causing enormous stress. Pressing the mouse for left if will go in the middle right or everywhere but not where it is intended . Keyboard letters and options are so unergonomic . I wonder whether somebody that has been producing it has it though it will be used for humans or something else. I wonder if this piece of shit can… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Anastas Dzurovski
22 days ago

Qualcuno ha provato ad installare i 64 Gb come scritto che dovrebbe supportare? Sul sito Dell non li cita, ma il processore è in grado di gestirli