[Comparison] MSI Creator 17 (B11Ux) vs MSI Creator 17 (A10Sx) – what are the differences?

The Creator market is becoming very vast, with all manufacturers striving to capture a big share of it, offering their own spin on the niche. The MSI Creator 17 offers everything that you might need from a creator laptop, including powerful hardware, a fantastic display selection, and a plethora of features that make it a great laptop, regardless if it’s a creator device or not.

With the new Creator 17 (B11Ux) being released, we want to take a look back at the previous Creator 17 (A10Sx) to see what is new and what is kept the same.

Full Specs: MSI Creator 17 (B11Ux) / Creator 17 (A10Sx)

There have been some changes, design-wise, but the overall shape of the laptop is kept the same. You get a flat, boxy-looking device with diamond-cut edges and rounded corners. There are also some layout changes. The fingerprint reader is now separate from the touchpad, which is in turn now smaller width-wise. In terms of weight and height, the new device is a little bit heavier, while keeping the same height.

For the display selection, MSI has sacked the Full HD panel that was previously offered, leaving only the 4K IPS panel, which should be fantastic to work with especially at this 17.3-inch form factor.

Lastly, the specs have been upped to 2021 standards. This means Tiger Lake H and RTX Ampere, with the laptop being configurable with up to the Core i9-11980HK and the RTX 3080 (Laptop). They replace the older Comet Lake H and RTX 2000-series units.

All MSI Creator 17 (B11Ux) configurations:

All MSI Creator 17 (A10Sx) configurations:

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