[Comparison] Lenovo Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2022) vs Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2021) – what are the differences?

The Legion 5 series from Lenovo is on the top of its game when it comes to features, build quality and gaming performance. It basically kicked off the incognito gaming trend, with minimal-looking sleeper devices which didn’t look the part of a gaming beast but brought all the necessary power to combat even the craziest of ROG notebooks.

Today we have the latest 2022 Legion 5i, which brings Alder Lake power, and the new RTX 3070 Ti to the table, which will do a fine job at powering the device even at higher resolutions and framerates. We will be comparing it against its predecessor to see what are the differences when it comes to the hardware, features, and exterior.

Full Specs: Lenovo Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2022) / Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2021)

On the outside, the Legion 5i now has an aluminum lid, along with an even sleeker base, with chamfered edges and rounded corners. The heat vents have been redesigned, becoming more minimal, with the device dropping most of its aggressiveness. Even the Legion logo on the lid has lost its RGB. Both laptops weigh 2.40 kg, while the 2022 laptop is 2 mm thinner.

The display selection has generally been kept the same, with the 120Hz FHD panel now offering a higher 144Hz refresh rate.

Hardware-wise, Alder Lahe H processors replace the Tiger Lake H variants, which really bring a whole new way of computing. The SKUs offer Performance and Efficiency cores, which should increase Multi-Core performance under heavy load, putting it on par with AMD’s Ryzen CPUs, which are infamous for their Multi-Core power. Most graphics options have been kept the same, but the 2022 notebook has access to the RTX 3070 Ti, which even at 1440p should push high FPS to satisfy the 165Hz refresh rate.

All Lenovo Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2022) configurations:

All Lenovo Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2021) configurations:

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