[Comparison] HP 470 G8 vs HP 470 G7 – what are the differences?

HP has done pretty well for itself. The company is currently sitting at #2, in terms of market share, selling 18.6 million devices this past year. Just like Lenovo, they have the resources to experiment with new technologies and new form factors and can take the hit if a device of theirs flops.

Today we have the Hp 470 G8, which takes the previous year’s G7 edition and updates it with new specs, thanks to Intel’s Tiger Lake. Without further ado, today we are comparing the G8 vs the G7 to see what are the differences.

Full Specs: HP 470 G8 / HP 470 G7

The laptop uses a similar design, but with some obvious differences. The silvery finish is still here, with the bezels remaining relatively thin. The new device does lack the physical touchpad buttons, which is a bummer. In terms of weight and height, the new device is significantly lighter and thinner, weighing 2.09 kg and being 19.9 mm tall.

The display selection has remained the same, with two 17.3-inch panels. The first of them has a 1600x900p resolution and uses a TN panel. The second display ups the resolution to Full HD and uses an IPS display.

Lastly, the specs are where the upgrades are found. The Comet Lake processors have done well, but it’s time for them to hit the retirement home. Their replacements, the Tiger Lake G-series processors have performed fantastically, delivering exceptional performance, while being very power efficient. They also come with the Iris Xe Graphics, which are fantastic and are by far the best integrated GPUs that you can get right now.

All HP 470 G8 configurations:

All HP 470 G8 configurations:

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