[Comparison] Dell Latitude 15 9520 and 9520 (2-in-1) vs Latitude 15 9510 and 9510 (2-in-1) – what are the differences?

Premium-built notebooks except you if you decide to enter the Latitude family. Their 9000-series offer some of the most well-built laptops out there, featuring an all-metal build. A while ago, Dell released the newest 9000-series member, the Latitude 15 9520, along with its convertible counterpart. Today we are comparing it to its predecessor, to see what are the differences.

Full Specs: Latitude 15 9520 / Latitude 15 9520 (2-in-1) / Latitude 15 9510 / Latitude 15 9510 (2-in-1)

Starting from the design, both the old and new laptops look alarmingly similar, if not entirely identical. The use of a metal alloy makes the laptops really durable and resistant to flex. The design is quite sleek and modern looking, featuring a brushed aluminum lid and a relatively minimal branding, with only a Dell logo in the center of the lid. The new laptop weighs the same in terms of weight and height while being nearly a millimeter thicker. As for the convertible, it is now 100 grams heavier, while also being a millimeter thicker.

There has been a change in the display offerings, with the new devices offering a 15.0-inch 4K IPS display, in addition to the already available Full HD IPS panel.

Lastly, the specs are by far where the most upgrades are found. The new notebooks bring the power of Tiger Lake into the mix, which not only improves performance but has increased power efficiency as well. The new processors also come packed with the Iris Xe Graphics G7, which is an immense upgrade over the old Intel UHD Graphics.

All Dell Latitude 15 9520 configurations:

All Dell Latitude 15 9520 (2-in-1) configurations:

All Dell Latitude 15 9510 configurations:

All Dell Latitude 15 9510 (2-in-1) configurations:

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