[Comparison] Dell Latitude 15 3520 vs Dell Latitude 15 3510 – what are the differences?

The Latitude lineup from Dell offers business laptops that have plenty of punch, in terms of performance, while still coming with the packed suite of features that Dell laptops are known for.

The latest Latitude 15 3520 harnesses the latest technology from Intel, making it a powerful little machine that is decently lightweight. Today, we compare it to its predecessor, the Latitude 15 3510 to see what has changed and what has stayed the same.

Full Specs: Latitude 15 3520 / Latitude 15 3510

Dell has decided to reuse the same design, keeping the sharp edges and rounded corners, while improving other parts, such as the touchpad, which is now 10% larger. The weight and height remain exactly the same, at 1.79 kg and 18 mm, respectively.

The display offerings also stay the same, with there being two 15.6-inch panels. The first one has a 768p resolution and uses a TN panel, so we wouldn’t recommend it. The second panel has a higher Full HD resolution and uses an IPS panel, which provides wider viewing angles and better color reproduction.

Lastly, the specs are the major upgrade here. The Comet Lake chips are swapped, in favor of Tiger Lake. This brings improvement to both the CPU and GPU performance, as the Tiger Lake processors, come with the Iris Xe Graphics, which are some of the best performing integrated GPU solutions that we have seen.

All Dell Latitude 15 3520 configurations:

All Dell Latitude 15 3510 configurations:

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